European refined glycerine market information

October 05th, 2020

Buoyant discussions for yearly tenders are ongoing. The price spread for Kosher non-GMO refined glycerine is relatively wide between the mid EUR 500’s and the low EUR 600’s pmt DDP NWE in bulk. The spot market is almost inexistent in Europe. However, we do not see a price decrease which would have hinted that sellers are urged to clear stock. Biodiesel sales are not as good as it was a couple of months ago (lower/no margins). Diesel consumption is down in several EU countries. UK reported a 22% drop in diesel consumption for the Jan-Aug period vs the same period last year. Mineral diesel costs USD 325 pmt when FAME 0 is USD 840 and RME EUR 970 pmt FOB ARA, quite a bit gap to bridge.