Oleoline conference

Oleoline has had the honor of holding various industry-wide conference since 1992.


The glycerine market has caught fire again.


After months of hesitations and unusually stable prices, the market has decidedly tilted towards higher prices this week. Chinese importers decided to purchase all the refined glycerine available at decent prices after the New Year holidays. In Europe, the prospect of better glycerine availability offered by the end of lockdowns has been eclipsed by expensive feedstocks and a string of production issues among glycerine producers. Finally, the Biden administration has secured funds to attempt to supercharge US industrial demand.


In this context, the 6th Global Glycerine Conference on the 24 and 25th of June 2021 in Chantilly, France, will provide the opportunity to see if the trend will stick or peter out.

Participants will be offered the chance to ponder the long-term prospects of glycerine arising. Among the questions we wish to address are:


The well-honed method used during Oleoline’s Glycerine Conference, now on the 6th edition, is to invite specialists of each segment pertaining to the supply and demand of glycerine to build a global picture of the market. The audience will be guided during a day and a half through the drivers of today’s glycerine production and consumption, by industry and by geographic market. In conclusion of the event, a balance between supply and demand will be presented.  


The backbone of the conference is as follows:


1/To bring context to the discussion



2/ In terms of supply, glycerine arisings from the following areas will be investigated for 2021 and 2022



3/ In terms of demand, glycerine consumption will be examined for 2021 and 2022  



This agenda is tentative and will no doubt evolve in the coming weeks. A full agenda will soon be published on Oleoline’s website.


The cost of 2400 euros (with VAT) includes the conference fees, lunch, cocktail and dinner on Thursday June 24th, one night in the hotel, as well as breakfast and lunch on Friday June 25th.


In order to guarantee everyone's safety and in compliance with expected health rules applicable in France and elsewhere, it is likely that we will be able to offer only 60 seats for conference participants, of which 20 have already been booked.


For those who won’t be able to travel, the conference will be broadcast thanks to a secure and personalized access for 1200€ (with VAT), corporate access possible.


You can book your place now by contacting Céline Heming.