Oleoline conference

Oleoline has organized 9 Global conferences since 1992. 


During these conferences, HBI and Oleoline have gathered experts and participants of the industry to assess what the main drivers of our markets are. A glycerine conference is organized every second year in Paris. An oleochemical conference occurs each alternate year.


On the 1st & 2nd June 2023, we have organized the 7th Global Glycerine Conference in Chantilly.



The 120 participants followed during one day and a half, a total of 15 presentations covering the glycerine market worldwide and its evolution following the agenda below:



Market context and the evolution of glycerine supply


lobal vegetable oil markets and their development until '24

Animal fats out of South America

The short term evolution of the (renewable) fuels and their influence on the glycerine market in Europe

Biodiesel in South America 

Is the long-term availability of UCO and Tallow based glycerine secured? 

Fatty alcohols and fatty acids, palm and tallow origin 


Drivers of refined glycerine consumption


Glycerine to Epichlorohydrin Market in China

Glycerine End Used Markets in Europe 

Glycerine Market in North America

Food grade glycerine consumption from the perspective of an end user?

Achieving sustainability for by-products 

FRIDAY 2nd JUNE 2023

Crude glycerine consumption, new refined glycerine applications and market outlook


Crude Glycerine in Biogas / DLG - Lars Schmidt

Crude Glycerine in waste water treatment 

Innovative uses of glycerine: a new approach for producing bio-based Acrylonitrile

Glycerine supply/demand balance and HBI price projections 


It was also a great opportunity to meet again under the Spring sun and taste French wine and gastronomy.


We hope to see you next year for the Oleochemical conference and in 2025 for the 8th edition!