5th Global Glycerine Conference

On the 4th and 5th of April 2018
In France, near Paris

We are planning our next global glycerine conference. 

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First global conference for the use of Lauric Oils in the manufacture of oleochemicals

On the 8th of March 2018
In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The participants, coming from over 50 different companies, were treated to the opinion of experts pertaining to the different aspects of the lauric oil markets.

Looking upstream, LMC presented the fundamentals of the lauric oil market, followed in an interesting contrast by a trader’s view of the market by Pacific Inter-Link.

On the downstream side, an assessment of the oleochemical production levels and capacities was offered by Samuel Chevigny, highlighting the key expected developments of the industry. The VP sales and marketing of Sinar Mas then presented a market breakdown for each group of fractions and detailed major applications of basic oleochemicals.

To complement this study, Colin A. Houston & Associates looked at the potential of mineral oil based fatty alcohols substituting oleochemicals. Finally Jeff Mahaffey of HBI USA presented the principal developments to be expected in the market. As a summary, HBI presented a balance of supply and demand from the market.

A second edition of this conference will be organized in South-East Asia in 2020 and a 5th Global Glycerine conference will be organized in the Paris region in April or May 2019.

4th Global Glycerine Conference

On 10thand 11th of April 2017
In Enghien-les-Bains, near Paris

The first two editions took place in the 1990’s and the most recent one was in 2015. This 4thedition was an opportunity for HBI to gather over two days all the global actors of the glycerine market such as Saipol, Wilmar, Orlen, Unilever, REG, ICOF, Godrej, Glencore, KLK Oleo, Vantage Oleochemicals, Arkema, Brenntag, L’Oréal, Dupont and Procter & Gamble.

In total, more than 105 participants from 22 different countries!

After an introduction on the background of the conference and the related issues by the general manager of HBI group and Oleoline, Mr. Jonathan Heming, Mr. Vincent Desfossez, head of Biodiesel Platform for SAIPOL, groupe AVRIL started the presentations of the day with the current status of biodiesel in Europe and the market impact of glycerin. He was followed by Mrs. Manja Ostertag, Director of Sales & Trading for REG, on biodiesel and glycerine waste in Europe - today and tomorrow. Then Dr. Peter Smith, Sales Director of Unilever and Mr. Bernd Noldt, Commercial Manager Oleochemicals of Wilmar concluded this morning dedicated to the supply/offer of Glycerineby presentations on fatty acids and fatty alcohols respectively.

After a convivial lunch to allow everyone to exchange and return to the open questions during the morning, the presentations around the demand for refined glycerine were orchestrated in this format: geographical presentation, followed by the application most-used in this area. On this principle, Mr. Jeffery Mahaffey, director of HBI USA shared with the assembly his vision of the US glycerin market. Then Dr. Peter Potschacher, E&C Director Oleochemical Product Line of Air Liquide continued with a presentation on an oleochemical extension of glycerin to monopropylene glycol. Mr. Fred Wang of HBI China proposed his analysis of the Chinese market, which introduced the following presentation by Dr. Fuliang, founder of Ningbo Huanyang New Material Co., an expert on the Chinese market for epichlorohydrin.

This first day was concluded by the chairman, Jonathan Heming, on the glycerine market in Europe and some comments on the Asian and Russian markets. After a break to enjoy the pleasant surroundings of Lake Enghien-les-Bains, all the guests gathered around a glass of champagne followed by a gala dinner. This was an opportunity to continue the discussions at the table chaired by an HBI collaborator.

The next morning, the focus was on the demand for crude glycerine. It was the turn of Mr. Samuel Chevigny, director of HBI, speaking on behalf of ABS, to present glycerin in the biomass industry in Europe. Then, Dr. Jaroslav Kovac, CEO of Commodity trading, proposed a presentation particularly appreciated by the participants on the use of glycerol in animal feed, especially for cows. Finally, Mr. Claudio Rochietta spoke on behalf of the company Bio-on around a new application of glycerine in plastics.

The conference ended after a global summary by Jonathan Heming of the global consumption and production of glycerine, updated following the various presentations and statements (of the day). It was an opportunity for him to share his vision of the market for the next two years and to confront it with all the participants. This conference enabled everybody to learn about the global trends, to discover new applications and to exchange on the problems allowing each one to continue its development. The next conference will be held in 2019, an appointment already waited for all the participants.