Oleoline conference

Oleoline has organized 10 Global conferences since 1992. 


During these conferences, HBI and Oleoline have gathered experts and participants of the industry to assess what the main drivers of our markets are. A glycerine conference is organized every second year in Paris. An oleochemical conference occurs each alternate year.


On the 18 April 2024, we have organized the 3rd Oleochemical Conference in Issy-les-Moulineaux.



Our 60 participants, friends and partners, received a valuable updates on the oleo market landscape, following the agenda below:



Morning session

The global fatty acid and fatty alcohol market,

Is healthy feedstock availability for oleochemicals temporary?

Hydrogenation of oleochemicals,

Sustainable new solutions,

Development of production technologies - past, present, future.  


Afternoon session


Glycerine to Epichlorohydrin Market in China

Glycerine End Used Markets in Europe 

Glycerine Market in North America

Food grade glycerine consumption from the perspective of an end user?

Achieving sustainability for by-products 


Discussions were particularly insightful about future challenges and opportunities, especially regarding EU-DR.‚Äč


"From our point of view it was a success, marked by a friendly atmosphere." said Samuel Chevigny, Director at HBI France and chairman of this event.


We hope to see you next year for the 8th edition of our Global Glycerine conference!