The 2nd Oleochemical conference was held on April, 7th 2022 in Paris. Right after the Incosmetics, we have gathered one hundred people to share different views on the global oleochemical market.


See below the programme of that day:


Global Oleochemical market dynamics presented by the chairman of the conference, Samuel Chevigny, HBI France

Uses of Lauric Oils in food by Barry Callebaut

Evolutions in production of Fatty Acids and Fatty Alcohols, Wilmar Europe

Global update of Lauric Oils and Tallow supply by region, Sustainable supply, LMC International

NDPE Palm, Unilever Indonesia

Are Oleochemicals the new petrochemicals and how sustainable will they be? Answered by Clariant International

New Oleochemicals investments by Doctor Brian Rossall

Global Glycerine market update done by Jonathan Heming, CEO of the Group HBI


The 6th Global Glycerine conference took place in Chantilly on June 24th and 25th, 2021. Just after the Covid pandemic, we had a limited number of seats and we needed to adapt our way of doing conference.  But we managed to organize this event with almost 60 attendees insite and for the first time hundred participants online.


Find below the general content of the presentations:




Global vegetable oil markets and their development until '22 by Stratégie Grains

Refined Glycerine market in Europe

Crude glycerine Useage in Biogas, Waste Water Treatment and Animal Feed by Renewable Energy Group

Glycerine Market in China presented by Benson Ma Bing - HBI China

Global deepsea 20 foot bulk container and freight market disruption, specifically with regards to glycerine, HOYER Global Transport




First Generation Biodiesel in Europe, Saipol

Second Generation Biodiesel: Tallow and UCO based Biodiesel & HVO, Argent

Biodiesel in South America, BS Bios

Fatty alcohols and fatty acids, palm and tallow origin, done by Samuel Chevigny - HBI France

Production of sustainable Epichlorohydrin from renewable feedstock based on a closed loop concept, KVT Technology




Glycerine Market in India by Vinay Kumar, HBI India

Arkema's sustainable approach: from crops to new plant, Arkema

Innovative uses of glycerine in MPG and more, Chemcom

Glycerine supply/demand balance and HBI price projections, conclusion made by the chairman of the conference Jonathan Heming, CEO of the Group HBI


If you are interested to discover the content of the previous Oleoline conference, please contact us.